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Head Teacher Awards

Week Ending 25th March 2022

Year 3:                                                                                                                                      

Maya, Izzy, Selena and Lydia for their good manners, being good role models and great maths work.

Georgie for his positivity in class, he is a pleasure to teach. He always tried hard and is always smiling. What a star!

Sultan for his amazing maths. The number of books her gets through because of all the modelling he does, keep it up!

Shivani for excellent dialogue this week between 2 characters in English using correct speech punctuation. She is always focussed and on task trying her best.

Jimmy for his perseverance and resilience, listening to advice and demonstrating excellent chopping skills in DT making his sandwich. Also, for making great effort to slow down and improve his writing.

James for always trying hard, being on task and an overall excellent role model showing good learning behaviours, especially listening well to feedback and making corrections in Maths.

Matthew for excellent dialogue this week in English using correct punctuation and synonyms for said, like, whispered, exclaimed and squeaked.

Year 4:  

Ivan for his work during British Science Week. He was thinking like a scientist and was asking interesting questions.

Edwards for always being engaged and focused and a brilliant learning partner. He also received a merit in his level 2 piano exam, well done.

Amiyah for her excellent attitude to learning, joining in class discussions and writing lots.

Sam for using a computer to type his work and trying his best.

Etta, Tiger and Aaren for fantastic English writing and editing and also brilliant contributions in lessons.

Year 5:

Jamie for his work in reading resulting in a beautiful comment from parents in his planner.

Charlie for his focus on times tables and making really great progress.

Jude for his positive attitude to learning and focussing hard in lessons and always having polite manners.

Thomas for working hard to share his ideas in class and fantastic handwriting in all books and always having polite manners.

Rafay for excellent confidence when performing his group rap solo and contributing well thought ideas to a group rap.

Freya W for a great persuasive text demonstrating a strong understanding of the different techniques used in persuasion.

Year 6:                                                                                                                                     

Amelie and Grace for facing their fears during practise week and tackling challenges head on.

Archie, Maya and Ben for excellent writing in French.

Alex for starting to check his work once he’s finished.

Mairaj for contributing to class discussions.

Head Teacher Awards Academic Year 2021-2022