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Head Teacher Awards

Week Ending 19th March 2021

Year 3:                                                                                                                                      

Vinnie for taking an avid interest in fables, making links to other stories he has read. He is also being a wonderful reading partner to a friend

Oscar for being such a kind member of the class as well as a helpful learning partner

Toby for showing real determination in his learning, asking questions and always giving his best efforts

Etta for being a super learning partner and making impressive contributions in Science

Loren for working hard and really applying her learning in her work

Anaaya for always being focused and on task and for excellent work in Science last week

Thomas for his incredible insect camouflage and excellent graph work in Science

Year 4:  

Jamie and Henri for their positive attitudes to learning, being positive role models to others and producing fantastic work

Joe for having such a lovely can do attitude to his learning

JoJo for having a positive mindset change to 'i can do it if I try!'

Leo for working independently in Maths and for creating an excellent shoe box crumble in DT

Anca for her effort with beautiful handwriting and presentation

Year 5:

Max and Saloni for excellent work on some tricky areas of Maths over lockdown

Maddie for making excellent progress in Maths in a short space of time

Allana for being a supportive learning partner and a great learning role model

Daniel for working really hard and responding to feedback as well as for his great powerpoint  about how to look after tadpoles

Eimaan for really applying previous learning in her writing

Alfie for being a great role model to others by independently using resources in the classroom

Year 6:                                                                                                                                    

Ross for being a kind and considerate learning partner

Aaron for showing an improved effort in his learning

Jobie and Laila for their fantastic character descriptions, choosing language carefully for its effect on the reader and building tension

Taylor for working so hard and making great progress in his arithmetic skills

Ibby for being a reflective learner, setting himself a target to improve in his use of paragraphs and working hard to achieve this

Evie for great planning in English, varying sentence structures and carefully selecting vocabulary for impact

Head Teacher Awards Academic Year 2020 - 2021