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Science at Wheatfields Junior School is an exciting and amazing experience for our children. We take a hands-on, practical approach with the children undertaking regular science investigations. Child-led enquiry is embedded across our practice to encourage children’s questioning and thinking. Each term includes at least one trip or visit to support the topic the children will be learning. It is a journey the children will build on throughout their school career and will prepare them for secondary school and beyond. Science is a core subject in the National Curriculum, along with maths, English and computing. Children talk with enthusiasm about the experiences and skills they have been developing in science throughout their time at Wheatfields.

British Science Week Report 2017

This March, British Science Week 2017 went off with a bang at Wheatfields Junior School! The children took part in an incredible variety of biology, chemistry, maths, engineering and physics activities, throughout the whole week ranging from constructing spaghetti and marshmallow towers to support a Kinder egg, rocket mice, marble runs, volcanic eruptions, using our amazing outdoor environment to build dens, measuring and investigating Leonardo Da Vinci's Vetruvian man and much much more. We also had a visit from www.sciencedome.co.uk where the children all got an opportunity to experience a 360 degree scientific cinematic show based upon the topics they are learning in their year groups - this ranged from evolution, dinosaurs and volcanoes to light and sound. The children have been beaming about science in school and have been inspired to carry out science at home which I am sure you are all experiencing! Thank you to all the staff for their creativity and enthusiasm in delivering such a fun, educational and inspirational week. We look forward to more science days throughout the year. If you are linked to a scientific career in any way then Mrs Lopez Bernal (our school's science subject leader) will be very pleased to find out more. She is currently setting up community networks to involve parents and local businesses in school life so the children can learn from your expertise and real life scientists: vlopezbernal@wheatfieldsjm.herts.sch.uk

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What our pupils say about Science at Wheatfields

I love science! I have just been learning all about how to make a buzzer work in a circuit.

It was SO much fun and great end to the topic.

All the teachers make it so much fun!

I like to learn about the world around me.

Our curriculum

Year 3

  • Plants
  • Animals, including humans
  • Rocks, soils, fossils
  • Forces & magnets
  • Light

Year 4

  • Electricity
  • Teeth & digestion
  • Food chains & classification
  • Sound
  • Solids, Liquids, Gases

Year 5

  • Earth & Space
  • Human life cycles
  • Forces
  • Reversible & Irreversible changes of state
  • Animals & plants life cycles

Year 6

  • Human circulatory system, diet & nutrition
  • Electricity
  • Light
  • Evolution
  • Classification & microorganisms

The 5 key areas of enquiry the children focus on throughout their science topics are:

  1. Identifying and Classifying
  2. Fair Tests
  3. Looking for patterns
  4. Observing over time
  5. Using secondary sources (books, internet, video, an expert)

Primary Science Quality MarkTo highlight the priority that the school places on science and to continue to strengthen our science provision, Wheatfields are now working towards the Primary Science Quality Mark. We can’t wait to work on this and celebrate our learning and successes! http://www.psqm.org.uk/