Enterprise 2012/13


All of the information below refers to the Enterprise Activities which took place in school during the 2012-2013 academic year.


Enterprise is one of the school's four core values and, as such, is taught throughout the curriculum. Enterprise Week is an opportunity to focus on this value and allow the children to really develop their enterprise skills.  The skills underpinning 'Enterprise' which the children will be working on are: leadership, decision making, teamwork, determination/ commitment, creativity/ ideas, problem solving/ challenge, risk taking/ resilience and communication.

Year 3 Incredible Snack Bar Enterprise Activity

From Monday 25th to Wednesday 27th March 2013 Year 3 produced Healthy Tasty Snacks for 50p.Information Order Form


Year 4 Enterprise Week Blog

Enterprise Week

From 21st to 25th January 2013 we held our first Enterprise Week.


It started early for Year 6 (on Friday 18th January) - cragratsCrag Rats are came in to hold a 'Dragons' workshop (based on Dragons' Den).Children learnt about budgets, market research, selling, marketing/ advertising etc. Then at the end of the day they made a "Pitch" and the winning team was entered in the Crag Rats prize draw.




Throughout Enterprise Week, various visitors to the school ran workshops, took assemblies or answered questions for Year 3 - 6. These visitors will include: parents, Beaumont School, and Lucy from 'Heaven is a Cupcake' (Herts Uni 'Flair' Competition Enterprise winner).


Each year group worked on Enterprise projects throughout the week - creating and marketing new products or services. 


The Year 6 children will make their products and sell them after school on the Friday before half term and Year 4 will make their products at a later date, for sale at the school summer fair.


Year 6 will also have the opportunity to join an Enterprise Club later in the year - in conjunction with The Princes Trust 'Million Maker' scheme