Our School Uniform

The school uniform is a simple and practical one, intended to keep the children looking smart but at the same time enabling them a fair degree of movement.
Please ensure that uniform standards are maintained.
Names, clearly written, must be put on all articles of clothing. This is frequently not done and it is difficult and time consuming to trace lost clothing.


  • Gold polo shirt

  • Grey skirt, shorts, pinafore dress or tailored trousers

  • Maroon sweatshirt or cardigan.

  • Maroon or grey tights or white socks

  • Summer dress in any simple design in a yellow check pattern


    Maroon tights are stocked by Stevensons and John Lewis.


  • Gold polo shirt

  • Grey trousers or shorts

  • Other kit may be required for specific sporting activities, e.g.; football, netball, swimming.

  • Maroon pullover or sweatshirt


  • Maroon shorts and White T-shirt for P.E.

  • Non-marking trainers for use in the Sports Hall or outdoor games in the summer

  • Indoor shoes (compulsory)

  • Art overall/old shirt

  • Drawstring P.E. bag


Items with the school logo; school sweatshirts and cardigans, polo shirts, fleece jacket and PE T Shirts are available at Stevensons.

Optional School Uniform Jackets - reversible fleece/splashproof are available through the school office.
Orders for these will be collated and sent annually in July for September/October Delivery.
Please contact the school office if you would like to place an order.