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In English we teach the skills of reading, speaking and listening and writing (encompassing spelling, punctuation, grammar, handwriting and different text types). Throughout the week the children are taught these skills in a number of different ways.


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Children are taught reading at school through their daily English lessons, guided reading and specific interventions, where appropriate. The teaching of reading covers both word reading and comprehension skills but also aims to promote an appreciation of texts and lifelong love of reading in our children.

Banded Books
Our banded books can take the children right up to the level expected in Year 6. Most children will have a banded book, in addition to their library books.
The use of finely graded (banded) books allows us to closely monitor children's progress and ensure they are both challenged and supported in their reading.

Guided Reading

Guided Reading is taught 3 times per week at school. Every week, each child will follow a sequence of learning activities: pre-reading, reading with an adult and post-reading. The specific focus of these activities and the text chosen will be determined by the class teacher to build on children's reading skills and understanding and support them with their next steps in learning.

Bug ClubBug Club
Bug Club is a guided reading scheme that is sometimes used during guided reading sessions. It is also an online resource that the children can use at home. Books are allocated to the children according to their reading level and they are then able to access these at home. The online books are supported with questions that the children answer as they progress through the book.

Children have five English lessons a week, in addition to specific handwriting and spelling lessons and thrice-weekly Guided Reading sessions. In English lessons, and across the wider curriculum, children are given daily opportunities to write for specific purposes and develop their skills within the areas of composition, vocabulary and grammar and punctuation.
Our Big Writing Adventure missions give the children regular opportunities to write independently at length to practise and embed the skills they have been taught. Big Writing Adventure Curriculum Information Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6
Child Reading


The children follow a spelling scheme called Read Write Inc Spelling. This focusses on teaching children spelling patterns as well as root words, prefixes and suffixes whilst reinforcing their phonics knowledge and skills. The children are encouraged to use these spelling patterns within all their writing.
Spelling is taught four times per week in school, with log books to take home for practise in addition to this.

Read Write Inc Curriculum Information Years 3-4 Years 5-6

Grammar and Punctuation
The children are taught a weekly grammar focus. This includes words (adjectives, nouns, prepositions…), different parts of sentences (articles, determiners…), sentence structure (simple, compound, complex) and the uses of different punctuation (colons, semi colons…). The children are encouraged to identify these skills in their reading as well as use them in their writing. Weekly homework will often reinforce the weekly grammar focus.  


Handwriting is taught discretely within the class 4 times a week from Year 3. The children are taught letter formation and joins and build up to sentence writing. To see the school handwriting script please click here.

Speaking and Listening

Through our English teaching and the wider curriculum, we develop our children's speaking and listening skills throughout Key Stage Two. This includes opportunities for debating and presenting to others, from year 3 onwards.


The library is a strong feature of the school. It is maintained and organised by our staff and is fully computerised. The library houses a suberb collection of books, currently in excess of 10,000.