supportive children

The progress of every child is carefully monitored throughout the school year and intervention is put in at the earliest stage of difficulty in any areas of learning.

The class teacher will ensure that the work is at an appropriate level for all children in the class and direct children to additional support as necessary. The school's Assistant Head and Inclusion Manager, Mrs Laura Jablowski, works together with class teachers, parent/ carers, children, teaching assistants and other professionals to help any child who is in need of additional support in their learning or development.


The Headteacher or Inclusion Leader may seek your co-operation in calling for additional help for your child from resources outside the school, should the need arise.


If you would like to discuss any concerns or gain support in order to help your child be they social, academic or physical needs - please do not hesitate to contact your child's class teacher or email Mrs Laura Jablowski.


Special Educational Needs Information Report


SENDIA Support for Parent/ Carers

Hertfordshire Local Offer


Useful websites for Parent/ Carers

St Albans, Harpenden and Villages DSPL Website

SEND School Statement


Whilst Mrs Jablowski is on maternity leave, Miss S Tuit will be the Acting Inclusion Manager.