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The Governing Board plays an important role in the strategic management of our school and is made up of  members of the community and parents from varied backgrounds as well as staff representatives who are passionate about the education of the children at Wheatfields.

Details of the School Governing Body 2017 – 2018  Governor Meetings

Governors are accountable for the overall educational and financial performance of the school. In a creative and challenging partnership, we support the Headteacher and staff across the range of their responsibilities by

  • Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
  • Monitoring and evaluating progress towards meeting the school's priorities and targets
  • Holding staff to account for the progress and attainment of children of all abilities throughout their time at Wheatfields
  • Ensuring that the school's money is well managed and spent.

Recent Governor Visits to the School
Governor Visit Autumn 2017

We meet as a full Governing Board once each term. There are also a number of sub-committees with specific responsibilities such as Resources and Teaching & Learning which meet on a regular basis.

Information about our Governors  J Sweet   M Bradford

If you wish to get in touch with the Governors, you can do so by writing to the Chair of Governors c/o the school office. All items addressed to the Chair of Governors will be passed directly to the Chair of Governors and will not be opened by school staff.

Minutes of full governing body meetings are available from the school office for parents to view, on request.

There may be times when you feel unhappy about a school issue and wish to bring this to our attention, or make a complaint. 
In such instances, please bring your concern to school directly by speaking with your child's teacher, or with the Headteacher, in the first instance. We are confident that the vast majority of concerns can be resolved in this way. However, if you still feel dissatisfied with the outcome, you are able to contact the Chair of the Governing Body. Please be aware that the Chair will first ascertain that you have tried to resolve the issue in school. To bring your concern to the attention of the Governors in this way, please contact the office staff, who will pass your contact details on to the Chair of Governors.

Maths Report 2017